Hamster & Gretel: Pinball Punch

Lead Game Developer

Workinman Interactive

Made with: Phaser 3

A mobile pinball game created in JavaScript using the Phaser 3 library for the Hamster & Gretel IP. Developed for the DisneyNOW app.

  • Programmed and laid foundations for a pinball game engine using MatterJS.
  • Helped design and implement pinball boards, mechanics, added micro games, and UI.
  • Interacted with client in weekly meetings to answer technical questions, show progress, and receive feedback on game.
  • Did extensive testing for mobile and browser environments.

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    Lead Game Developer

    CMDC Studios

    Made with: Unity

    ParaSoul is a 3D platformer that challenges players to move proficiently through each section of its futuristic, cyberpunk inspired skyscape as they explore each section of the city. Only by obtaining pieces of forgotten cybernetic enhancements can players hope to defeat the oppressive forces mounting against them.

  • Managed team of five developers.
  • Programmed the environment based off the level designs.
  • Created player and gameplay mechanics.
  • Worked across teams to ensure consistant art and vision.
  • Made sure assets were following conventions and were ingested into Unity correctly.

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    Amnesia : Restored

    Lead Game Developer

    Thomas Disch Estate

    Made with: Javascript, HTML, and CSS

    Commissioned by the Disch Estate to remake the text adventure game Amnesia. Originally published by EA in 1986. Explore Manhattan and discover why you have amnesia and who you are, but take care not everyone is who you remember them as.

  • Managed team of five developers to complete project on time.
  • Helped create a new interface and better user experience.
  • Mapped the original game due to source code being lost.
  • Worked across teams to ensure consistant art and vision.
  • Used modern scripting language JavaScript and libraries to make a game that lasts well into the future.

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    Lead Game Developer


    Made with: Unity

    The player takes the role of Totes McGoats, a determined mountain goat with a heart of gold, sexy jorts, and an empty backpack. He's trapped in goat purgatory and you must fill his backpack with the various items found on the island and help him get to the top of the mountain to appease the great mountain goat god.

    CarGoat is a 3D platforming game developed by The Leftovers Crew for the Portland Indie Game Squad August Cliffhanger Summer Slow Jam with the theme "This isn't even my final form."

  • Managed small team of 6 developers remotely from across the state and internationally.
  • Designed main gameplay mechanics, picking up items as fast as possible.
  • Maintained overall art direction and consulted with other teams.
  • Modified and created a custom lighting shader to give a stylized effect to the game.

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    Dead Air

    Game Designer

    CMDC Studios

    Made with: Unreal Engine 4

    You are alone at Tower 18. Your only companion went to salvage parts from Tower 15 for some much needed repairs, however that was several hours ago and you have not received a transmission since. Dead Air begins with players taking control of Tower 18’s command console and acknowledging a long overdue transmission. Only by carefully managing the tower’s failing power generator, one-way communication network, and the impending darkness can you lead your companion safely back home

    Dead Air was made in collaboration with the Portland Indie Game Squad and the Creative Media and Digital Culture Program at Washington State University Vancouver during the July Remix Summer Slow Jam with theme of "unreliable narrator."

  • Worked with team of programmers to develop simple but engaging gameplay.
  • Developed gameflow and progression of the game.
  • Bugtested and made sure that game ran well under various conditions.

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    Lead Game Developer

    CMDC Studios

    Made With: Unity

    In a long-forgotten place, two ethereal entities named Huli and Maomi maintain the celestial balance of the spirit world. When a mysterious dark force threatens that balance, they spring into action and defeat the darkness at great personal cost. Join Huli and Maomi as they traverse eight lush, hand-drawn landscapes and try to reunite with each other after being tragically separated.

    Huli was made in collaboration with the Portland Indie Game Squad and the Creative Media and Digital Culture Program at Washington State University Vancouver during the June Exploration Summer Slow Jam with theme of "forgotten places."

  • Was in charge of creating levels based off plans from design team.
  • Tweaked gameplay in order to make game experience more enjoyable.
  • Gathered assets from other teams and implement them in Unity
  • Programmed core game mechanics, throw, levers, jump, movement, etc.

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    Game Developer


    Made with: Javascript and Phaser3

    You are in charge of the experimental spaceship called the Collidtron. It is powered through high powered kinetic collisions, in other words, crashing into other ships. You are tasked with buying time for the Earth to launch their final weapon to destory the invading aliens.

    A game made in about 2 weeks using the Phaser3 framework. Created with the goal of pushing some of my design and Javascript skills and learning a new API.

  • Design game play mechanics.
  • Create all artwork.
  • Play and test game.

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